Hi! As you may have inferred from the site title, I’m a relatively young guy (early 20s as of this writing) with “theoretical 80s nostalgia”. Despite not having been alive during that wonderful decade, there is an allure to the culture of that time that keeps me coming back. My theoretical nostalgia is mostly rooted in the anime and manga from that time, although every now and then I’ll indulge in the Western movies and music of that time period as well.

I go by karageko online and Austin in real life. I’m fine with being referred to as either.

Although I named the blog after my peculiar niche interest, it’s really just a place to post whatever is on my mind. Oftentimes this ends up going off onto tangents away from whatever a blog post is titled after. I’ll keep things tagged and categorized appropriately so that the actual 80s related stuff is easy to filter.

Despite having studied it for quite a while, I also suck at Japanese and I’m not afraid to admit it. Every now and then I may put up stuff that will demonstrate this is the case.

If for whatever reason you still want to know more about me, I have participated in the Anime Origin Stories project and my entry can be found here.

Last Updated: 2017/11/01